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Local products for early childhood in Senegal

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While infant mortality is decreasing in Senegal, nearly 20% of the population suffers from chronic malnutrition. Children are particularly affected, with consequences for their health and learning.

Together with Rémi Filastò, Siny Samba founded Le Lionceau, a company that develops a range of nutritionally high-quality, locally produced infant foods. Their vision? Valuing local products and strengthening the food value chain.


After her BTS in agro-food, Siny Samba leaves Dakar for Montpellier, where she continues her studies as an engineer. “I’ve always loved cooking. I used to help my grandmother make donuts when she sold them on the streets of Dakar.”

It all started when she worked in France, in the R&D division of a large company specializing in baby food. “I was passionate about the early childhood sector and was able to develop expertise in baby food.”

Very curious, Siny asks a lot of questions about the eating habits of babies in Senegal. The young engineer begins to question the mothers of her entourage. Once, a mother told me that her child drank only soda and never