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5 Key TIPS for Successful Baby Food Diversification
Presentation of the company Le Lionceau
Le Lionceau- Ambition Africa 2019
TEASER Program Presentation 1000days Suñu Yoon
How to give baby new food?
Siny SAMBA - Le Lionceau
Interview Siny SAMBA Le Lionceau - BBC News Africa

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Published on While infant mortality is decreasing in Senegal, nearly 20% of the population suffers from chronic malnutrition. Children are …

Published on  Siny Samba, co-founder of the agribusiness startup Le Lionceau  More and more young Senegalese, after one or …

Published on  When 26-year-old Siny Samba is asked what she wanted to be when she was a little girl, …