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Looking back on the genesis of the Lionceau

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When 26-year-old Siny Samba is asked what she wanted to be when she was a little girl, she says without hesitation, “a career in the big multinationals in the agri-food sector”. When she was younger, she loved cooking and creating recipes with her grandmother.

After a first experience with the French infant food leader Blédina – a subsidiary of the Danone group – the young woman feels the urge to put her skills to the benefit of her country of origin. The agro-food engineer wishes to contribute to the economic development of Senegal. “I knew that the children’s food sector offered opportunities in the Senegalese market, but that it was dominated by foreign companies specializing in importing products,” she recalls. She then made the choice to build her own structure in Dakar with her sidekick, Rémi Filastò.